G-ABS stands for grounded and balanced strength. When training a new client my approach is to understand their goal and meet where they are at. By taking into consideration what kind of exercise and physical activity they have done in the past, where they feel pain or discomfort, medical history and other lifestyle questions, like their relationship with their food and sleep hygiene, I’m able to start forming an idea of the kind of training that person would get the most benefit from. 

In your initial consultation, we test some functional movements that you are already doing in your daily life such as squats, pushing patterns and pulling patterns to see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

For the coaching to work both parts have to work together, it is in your interest to achieve your goals, it is in my interest to support you to achieve your goals and lower your chance of injuries through your journey.

Open communication is essential, individualised programs that you can follow by giving me feedback on how you are feeling, nutritional advice and online support are part of the services that I offer. Depending on your goal we can use bodyweight training, barbell, dumbbell, machines, resistance bands and kettlebells as part of your resistance training.

As your strength and fitness increase with time, we use progressive overload to lower your chance of plateauing your progress.